Concert Film: Impressionist Prints, Penn Wind Ensemble 2016

Kuan Wang

for Impressionist Prints, by Aldo R. Forte : Mvt. 1.Monet- The imposing Houses of Parliament in mysterious London fog; Mvt. 2.Degas's ballerina; Mvt. 3.Van Gogh's storms; Mvt. 4.Renoir's elegance and beauty; Mvt. 5.Seurat's pointillism; Mvt. 6.Toulouse-Lautrec at Moulin Rouge.

"... when Kuan Wang, one of our trombonists and a graduate student from the School of Enginnering, offered to help, I had no idea what he would create, but the movie he made to accompany our performance surpassed anything I would have hoped for ..."

---- Dr.Michael Ketner, Director of Performance at Department of Music, University of Pennsilvania